Gap Analysis and Reviews

Our highly-experienced maritime management consultants are able to carry out a wide range of gap analysis reviews, including but not limited to the following:


We can undertake gap analysis of any maritime activities to identify variances against applicable standards and develop action plans for improvement, including but not limited to:

  • Company performance management and compliance with specific reference to Port State Control issues
  • Provision of a ‘Health Check’ review for ships, assessing compliance with international conventions
  • Provision of a ‘Health Check’ review for yachts volunteering to be compliant under international conventions whilst registered and operated privately

Ports and Harbour Authorities

We can undertake:

  • Gap analysis of maritime harbour activities against standards and codes of practice in order to develop action plans for effective improvement
  • Strategic and operational reviews for Harbour Authorities to help ensure their statutory functions are fulfilled
  • Governance reviews for Harbour Authorities, reviewing the high-level decision making processes to ensure that they are open, accountable and fit for purpose

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