Compass Services

Where compasses are not used continuously there is the potential for large errors to build up unnoticed. Relying on such systems in the event of an emergency can be disastrous.

With routine maintenance, ChartCo can ensure that your vessel will have a standard magnetic compass which can be relied upon, in any situation.

A team of qualified magnetic compass engineers supports this business from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, giving us the ability to resolve any magnetic compass related problems, which may occur on-board a vessel.

The team offers the unique combination of mechanical and navigational skills required to service and repair such specialised navigational devices.

ChartCo provides ships compass surveys, compass adjusting services, replacement and installation on-board your vessel.

Compass adjustment is provided in the following ports:


  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Port of Ijmuiden
  • Port of Amsterdam
  • Port of Vlissingen
  • Port of Den Helder
  • Port of Delfzijl
  • Port of Terneuzen


  • Port of Antwerp
  • Port of Ghent
  • Port of Zeebrugge

Competitive daily rates to attend vessels outside The Netherlands and Belgium for ships compass adjustment services are available.


The main reason for compass adjustment and the issue of a new deviation table is an increase in deviations.

Inspections by the Port State Control, Vetting Inspectors and Flag State Audits can also create a need for compass adjustment.


Depending on the port and port stay of the vessel, the compass adjuster will usually make a pre-inspection to check the vessels magnetic compass, last compass deviations table, the ships compass logbook and check if all the required data and ships spare compass correctors are available.


If during pre-inspection the compass adjuster finds any issues with the compass like an air bubble or tilted card the ChartCo fully certified compass service department can overhaul, repair or replace your damaged compass in good time for the vessel to leave without any delay.


If any correctors are missing or damaged, we have the most common types in stock for fast delivery. We also have spare magnets of all types of magnetic compass manufacturers in stock, so there is no need to cancel the magnetic compass adjustment due to the unavailability of the correct magnets.


Once the vessels magnetic compass is ready for adjusting the qualified compass adjuster will make the necessary arrangements to make the compass adjustment at sea.

The compass adjuster will keep in close contact with the vessels Port Agent and will board the vessel prior to departure and will sail with the vessel out to sea.

There the compass adjuster will perform the compass adjustment during a compass swing(s) and remove/decrease the deviation close to zero. The deviation that is left will be noted on a deviations table and handed over to the master prior to debarkation.

Usually the actual compass adjustment itself will take around 1 hour of swinging the ship. After the compass adjustment, the compass adjuster leaves along with the ships pilot.

Depending on the size of the ship, the compass adjustment can also be done inside port limits keeping costs to minimum.


Our service centre has over 30 of the most common brands of magnetic compasses which can be provided on an exchange basis. These compasses are fully certified and ready for direct installation in ARA area.

This service enables us to solve any magnetic compass issue on-board when time is short, in case of ships compass damage or if the vessel is detained by Port State Control for reasons of magnetic compass deficiency.

Because the exchange magnetic compass is of the same quality as the vessels magnetic compass prior to requiring repair or service and deviation correction / compass adjustment, there is normally no need for compass adjustment and the deviation will be the same as before the ships magnetic compass became damaged.


Our service centre has over 30 of the most common brands of magnetic compasses which can be provided on an exchange basis and are ready for shipment to other countries.

Simply install the received exchange unit and send your damaged magnetic compass back to our Rotterdam office. Chargeable costs are typically for repair, shipping and customs clearance.

Because the exchange magnetic compass is of the same maker and type as the vessels magnetic compass there is normally no need for compass adjustment and the deviation will be the same as before the magnetic compass became damaged.

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