Our Fleet Electronic Management System (FleetEMS) has been designed to manage your marine Safety Management System (SMS) between offices and vessels.


FleetEMS provides an online document management and collaboration system facilitating reliable, daily communication between the DPA, fleet managers and the crew aboard vessels.

Unlike other products on the market, FleetEMS allows you to keep your existing SMS and we can easily integrate it as we develop your company’s solution.

How it works

We have designed FleetEMS with simplicity in mind. The solution is made up of two components; a core system and vessel sub-system.

For example, for a company with a fleet of ten vessels, the FleetEMS solution will comprise a core system and ten vessel sub-systems.

FleetEMS core system Vessel sub-system
The core system is designed for use by shore personnel to input, edit and manage the company quality and environmental policies, procedures, forms and SMS. As only one version of the SMS is stored digitally, the problems associated with out-of-date documentation are eliminated. The two-way vessel sub-system is installed on each ship and holds a read-only copy of the company quality and environmental policies, procedures, forms and SMS. It also allows vessels to raise forms or reports, and provides an area for every vessel to store their crew records, vessel specific procedures and operational documentation


  • No special tools or skills are needed to maintain content on either the company or vessel sites. Everything is undertaken through your web browser
  • No custom software or expensive training is required
  • Documents and records are created and maintained in standard office programs, like Microsoft Word® and Excel®
  • The system automates often laborious reporting and paperwork procedures allowing crews and office staff to focus on operational duties
  • Shore based personnel can access the system directly through the internet, from any location
  • Vessels only require limited access to the internet as all information is stored on board and synchronised to the shore server once a day
  • Changes to operational documents and reports from ships can be accessed by the company within 24-hours, and vice versa with changes to the company SMS
  • Only those parts of a document that have changed are transmitted in amendments, reducing the costs associated with satellite communications
  • Highly compressed, military level encryption is used to ensure that your data is kept secure
  • The FleetEMS solution can be extended to meet individual requirements

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