Regs4yachts Digital Maritime Regulations

Regs4yachts is an updated, searchable, maritime regulation database that combines Flag State compliance documentation with IMO, ILO & EU legislation to provide an overall regulatory solution.

The database includes a search tool, keywords, subject index and, importantly, fully corrected content making the management of ever-changing safety and pollution regulations simple.

Regs4yachts removes regulatory uncertainty, both onboard your yacht and in the office – here are three examples:

  1. All MEPC corrigendums are not only included but the applicable text is extracted and incorporated into the referenced MEPC Annex
  2. SOLAS amendments will have the amendment applied to the SOLAS chapter and regulation
  3. Flag/IMO/ILO documentation is often related but hard to find and not always obvious. We recognise this by including an Associated Documentation section on every page, putting all related documentation at your fingertips.

Regs4yachts is used on hundreds of Superyachts worldwide, from 1500GT to the world’s largest Superyacht, in both online and offline formats to meet Flag and IMO approval for use in place of paper.

For a vessel or office trial, please contact our dedicated Regs4yachts team:

Tel: +44 (0) 2380 714300



In this section, we introduce a real-life example of the additional benefits that can be provided by the ChartCo Training & Consultancy team.

Digital Maritime Regulations – Rescue Boat