Superyacht Services

ChartCo’s Superyacht Services division has an experienced team, which is exclusively dedicated to servicing the navigation management requirements of both motor and sailing yachts, mainly over 24 metres. They offer a tailored and personal service set-up, which is “individualised” to suit the requirements of each yacht.

The services offered have evolved through many years of dealing with the varied requirements of yachts cruising in a wide range of areas, and operating to differing Flag State and compliance demands.

Our Superyacht Services team fully recognise the need for yacht crew to be able to run the bridge effectively utilising systems which are designed to minimise the demands on their time, yet fully answer all the questions arising.

Our unique selling point is one of simplicity. We will only charge for the services and products that a yacht agrees to take, and we have no management fee.

ChartCo’s Superyacht Services division also has an office in Antibes, enabling a personal service for all yachts operating in the area between Barcelona and Livorno. For yachts in other areas, our staff travel extensively to keep the service at a personal level.

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